Manosphere has long been associated with men’s activism against feminism, but this isn’t the only idea from the space. Instead, it works to cultivate behaviors that can lead to better marriage choices and good relationships with our spouses and children.

Invest In Yourself, and Become Valuable

People don’t love you because of your emotional energy, but because of the value you add to their lives and making yourself a better man is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself. No one can help you with that; you have to see the brighter side and move towards creating a good life for yourself and your loved ones by channeling your time and money into things that matter.

Investing in yourself means using your resources to improve your capabilities. This is the best investment you can ever make, and it’s a signal that you value yourself and the resources you have. It also elicits a desire from others to be like you and is the ideal way to attracts like-minded people in your life. Putting effort into bettering yourself will always pay off…



Jason V. Holmes

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